Just click the link “Join Our Club” in the About Our Club Section on the menu at the top of this page and complete all the fields in the form. Your “Email Address” will be your “Login Name”. Once you have completed the form click “Submit” .

Pretty soon after you will receive an automated email response with the “Subject Heading” similar to: [Jump For Joy Holiday Club] Activate your@emailaddress.com

Remember to check your “SPAM” or “JUNK” folder if the email is not in your “INBOX”

To “Activate” your new “User Account” simply click on the “Activation Link” in the email”.

If you have trouble clicking the link, copy the and paste the it in to your Web Browser (Chrome / Firefox / Safari etc

Once you have Joined our Website you now Register you Child/Children.

  • Just “LogOn” to the website with your new “User Account Details” that you set up earlier.
  • When you have logged on you will see a link on the side menu that say’s “Child Registration Form” give that a click and fill in the questions.
  • You will need to complete a separate form for each child.
  • All the question fields are mandatory so must be filled in before going to the next section.
  • During the Registration process you will need to upload a “Photo” of your child.
    (it might be a good idea to have that ready on your computer before starting to fill in the form)
  • When you get to the end of the form, you will need to pay a one time registration fee for each child. This is payable by PayPal.  You will be directed to PayPal to complete the payment. Don’t worry if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one at this time, Its very easy.
  • After you have registered your child you will receive an email with the registration details. These will include a Unique ID for each child.  i.e “First Name” “Last Name” “ID number” 
  • Once your child is Registered you can now “View” and “Edit” his or her details by clicking on the link at the side of the page “My Childs Details” (This is only viewable when you are logged on)
  • If you require any further help or information about registering your child please email us at info@jumpforjoyholidayclub.co.uk

After you have “Registered” your child you can make bookings online.

Logon to the website and click on the link  My Childs Details

You will see a link to the Booking Form near the top of the page that say’s: “Click Here to access the Booking Form”

  • All bookings are made on a first come first served basis. If the day requested is full, you will be unable to book that day
  • Complete all the field’s on the “Booking Form” starting with your Child’s Unique ID
    (Please remember to user the full ID (i.e. “First Name “Last Name” “ID Number”
  • Choose the day’s you want your child to attend by changing the drop down at the end of each day available to “Yes”.
  • The rate for each day is £32.00 except, some days there is an additional premium of £5.  This is when we hire outside professionals for special theme days.
  • You can pay for “Holiday Club Day’s” by either; “Credit/Debit Card“ “Bank Transfer” or “Child Care Vouchers”.

A packed lunch is required and stored at room temperature. Medication must be named and brought in to the club if required. Comfortable and practical footwear to allow your child to take part in all activities including active play. A coat and warm outdoor clothing for winter and protective clothing for hot weather. We ask for parents to apply sun cream before arriving at the club and further cream can be administered if brought in to the club.

Please ensure all items brought to the holiday club are clearly labelled.

Additional information will be issued on the website and at the club for individual activities.

Yes. Staff work in the 1:8 ratio to allow each child to make independent and positive choices of play they would like to take part in.

The registration procedure asks for all named adults having permission to collect their child to be listed on the registration form. A password must be used for any adults who are not named on the form and wish to collect a child. A child will not be handed over to an unknown adult not listed on the registration form unless the Manager has been informed.

Contact the club phone as early as possible to inform us of your child’s absence and reason for this. If you need to cancel a session for which you have booked please advise by email on the website prior to the start of the holiday club or call the club phone from the first day of the holidays.

We recommend a visit is arranged to the holiday club with your child, prior to starting. This allows your child to see the environment, meet the staff team, see the children enjoying the play and activities. It helps support a positive settling in time. Once a booking has been made, refunds are not given, however you have the option of the amount of days you can book. Subject to availability, further bookings can be made.

There is a variety of free play set up on tables and on the floor each day in the main hall and adjoining room for the children to enjoy. 

 All children have an opportunity to take part in cooking, Art and Crafts and active play. The days activities are linked to Theme Day’s which gives purpose and learning to their play. There is ongoing opportunity for daily play outside (weather permitting)

Our creative programme is supported and carried out by staff who work in the 1:8 ratio. 

Children choose if and when they wish to take part in activities. Age groups are mixed and play is child led.

Yes. The club opens at 8.10 am and closes at 5.30 pm. You can arrive and leave with your child any time within these hours of opening.